Now an animated Aamir Khan in Coca-Cola ad

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New Delhi, Sep 10 (IANS) Known for his experiments, Bollywood star Aamir Khan will now be seen in an animated avatar for the first time in a television commercial for Coca Cola.

Conceptualized by adman-turned-lyricist Prasoon Joshi along with Ashish Chakravarty, the ad has been shot by Abhijit Choudhary for the 'Coca-Cola Open Happiness' communication initiative.

'It is a very interesting concept as for the first time my features have been replicated as an animated character through special effects. I think the robotic animated look has really come out well in the film and I hope that my fans will like me in this new animated avatar,' said Aamir, Coca-Cola brand ambassador, in a statement released here Thursday.

The ad showcases two girls searching for their friend (Aamir) who is so engaged in playing videogames that he has become a part of the virtual world.

But when the girls open a bottle of the aerated beverage, Aamir starts to lose his focus from the game and is tempted to come out in real life. The ad ends with Aamir's rival from the game, another animated character, also stepping into the real world to taste the drink.



可口可樂釋出的新廣告 請大汗來代言 而且是以動畫的方式呈現

就我的印象 這應該是也是頭一回吧!! Gypsy Gril 很喜歡這樣的大汗呢

而他自己也說 第一次以特效的方式呈現 真是個很有趣的概念

而且成果也不錯 希望fans會喜歡這樣不同的化身

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